December 5, 2012
University of California

The president of the University of California lives in a mansion, provided by the university. The managing cost of the mansion is over $300,000 a year.

Actual cadavers were used for props in the films Poltergeist and Poltergeist II. 

The mansion is built upon a native american burial ground. 

According to the E! True Hollywood Story “Curse of Poltergeist” Six people died on the sets of Poltergeist I-III.

The Native American Graves Protection Repatriation Act requires institutions that receive federal funds to return Native Americans “cultural items” to their descendants. 

Heather O’Rourke died of acute bowel obstruction in 1988, just after acting in her last film role in Poltergeist III. 

Causes of bowel obstruction may be due to impaired rectal sensitivity. Causes of impaired rectal sensitivity may be due to megarectum. 

MEGA RECTUM: a large rectal mass, a wide rectum, or any rectum that can hold more than 1500cc of fluid.

Cochise, the Apache leader who resisted and fought against the invasion of the Americans, died of abdominal cancer. I don’t think he could keep $300,000 in his rectum. But I know someone could. 

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